And this unbeatable super team’s name?


Well Dornail’s not too keen on the name–BUT RODNEY LOVES IT! It’s time to meet the team!

The Shelf (who long time readers know well)—possesses instant comprehension of any book placed on his Shelf (so long as it is ON his shelf). Granting him an intellect that is potentially limitless!

We join the Shelf and his female assistant, Paige Turner, in a sticky situation! Surrounded by a villainous horde of demonkeys–The Shelf has to perform brain surgery with crude tools while simultaneously talking Paige through diffusing a nuclear bomb!!

Shelf asks Paige if he’s not wrong in noticing that her flowers (which he had assumed would calm the demonkeys) have in fact angered them.

Paige confirms it–he’s not wrong. She anticipated they’d be furious!

But it’s because those flowers weren’t to sedate them. They’re native to the demonkey’s home and thus they know very well if they mess around with them they’ll be rendered infertile. So their desire to tear Paige and The Shelf apart is hampered by their need to reproduce.

The Shelf is quite impressed!

But expect nothing less from Paige Turner. She’s a botanical genius. (and very well read in general).

UP NEXT:????????????