What are Sang and Scarlet thanking the dojo crew for?

It’s everything they went through that has really shown them that they truly DO care for one another!

In Scarlet’s case, she had actually let Evil Sang use her and completely given up.. how was that any better than how she was with Knife?

Sarah showed Scarlet the strength she had inside and helped her to let go for her own sake.

Now Scarlet is with Sang by choice.. not out of some desperation!

Sang on the other hand actually DID get a taste of oblivion when Rodney cut him in 2 with the invincible mister best sword.. When he came back all he could think of was how he’d rather die than love Scarlet only to lose her..

But in his heart he knows that’s not right. He loves her desperately and no matter what happens he’ll never regret every second with his soul mate.

Speaking of soul mates—Dornail thinks that since he’s a dragon too he MIGHT be able to break Dragulia’s curse!!