Scarlet can’t believe her eyes! All this instahitch is REALLY EXPENSIVE! Where’d it come from?

Well .. Dornail kind of had a hunch how it would all work out.. and Sarah and Rosetta had a lead on some basically new instahitch tech that was almost wasted..

Sang and Scarlet tie the knot!!

After the happy couple is united folks mill about the reception. Raven asks Cali if she intends to stay at Raven’s Dojo.


No long a vagpire hunter it seems she’s still hot for fame and fortune.. though the anti-percep tech is likely going to put a damper on the fame.

Well.. she’s too poor to leave anyway. And with that the Dojo crew gains a new member!!

And that’s not all–It seems Sang and Scarlet are going to set up residence in St. Zano!

To begin their new life they want to start by saying thanks to the people who made it possible.


After all, Rodney and the gang more or less nearly RUINED their lives completely! What could Sang and Scarlet possibly be thankful for from this horrible ordeal?

UP NEXT: Scarlet and Sang’s gratitude…