It seems Dornail managed to help get the Sarah and Rodney back up on their feet and thus the full power of Hellhound is unleashed once more on the doomsday device’s massive hand.

But as Raven notes—Dornail can’t keep bashing his head into that giant hand!!

Even though Sensei isn’t the strongest—HE AIN’T TEAM USELESS!!!

Using his pants and socks Raven ties Dornail’s arms to his head to help him not take the blows directly to his skull.

It would be a triumphant moment EXCEPT UNPREDICTED EVIL APPEARS!!

Pizzabomination and Warhog’s brain on a skate (apparently he tangled with the boys a 3rd time that we didn’t get to see) attack!!!

Attempting to take advantage of team power’s inability to properly fight back they decide to strike!

However Raven refuses to be useless and takes out WHBOAS and Pizzabomination in one fell swoop—Eating them down as an incredibly wretched meal.


UP NEXT: Trouble for Team Sexy!