Well now.. the old bait and switch!!

Team Sexy was doing their best to lure out a certain someone and Rosetta wasn’t so sure it was working.. BUT THEN HE SHOWED UP!

Flo was dousing the arm in blood which lured the mighty Sharking!!

Realizing he has been tricked into helping man, Sharking tells Team sexy to tell Rodney his debt has been repaid. Sharks will now eat humans once more! Shame that favor had to be called in so fast.

Sharking sinks away while Rosetta turns her self back to St. Dino!!! Now that the hand is disconnected from the suit it’s going to be VERY unstable!!!

We rejoin Team Power who can feel the difference immediately. In addition the suit announces that the hand has been disconnected! The suit is assessing the threat level…

Rodney calls out to his master to act now!!!