The next day Rodney, Dornail, and Scarlet have a funeral service for Knife (of sorts).

As Scarlet and Rodney dance on Knife’s grave (which has been tucked away in a junkyard), Scarlet ponders the anti-percep tech mind wipe she was effected by.

It seems even though Snatchula and Mr. Bastard never met, Mr. Bastard’s pursuit of the vagpire and his connection to Rodney and Dornail was enough to trigger some mind wiping by anti-percep tech.

Dornail explains, it didn’t want to create a gap in her past though.. instead it chose to let her see what she wanted–A past full of heroes. However it’s not like Scarlet didn’t have heroes in her past!! Dornail actually has had a chance to look in her book since the events of last night and actually it seems more like a 50/50 mix of heroes and villains to him.

Rodney waters knife’s flowers to Scarlet’s amusement.

Dornail then turns his thoughts to Sang. Unfortunately magic is a messy sort of thing and even a single curse is weird.. but combining the 3 aspects involved with Dragulia’s curse, vampirism, AND the sword.. well.. Sang really was all messed up.

Rodney doesn’t think he was truly evil though! It’s entirely reasonable to think that a man who has spent centuries wanting to die, and only a single day wanting to live, would go back to wanting to die if his soul and mind were separated.

When Rodney says that.. Dornail begins to think and comes to the realization—


UP NEXT: Saving Sang?