Sarah was looking around for everyone, but couldn’t find them until she saw the enormous hand from Knife’s Doomsday device. She figured it was pretty likely she’d find her crew close by.

A relieved Rosetta sheds a tear of joy at the sight of her estranged friend (and perhaps at the fact she’s not smashed into paste) while the sword and blood begin to work their way back into Sang.

Scarlet (knocked free of Sang’s grip) is in awe not only that the bride from the dam is still alive—but she knows Rosetta?!?

But Sang’s body (head still reforming) retrieves Scarlet.

Sarah makes the connection that if Air Flo knew about her death she’d have to be the fat lady from the dam ( as she was the only one who saw Sarah ‘die’).

And she GUESSES that perhaps the guy in the suit might be the shitty husband. In which case he’s got some major comeuppance on the way!