Evil Sang and Rosetta are all alone and he’s removed her arm cuffs in hopes of finding oblivion via her full powered molecular buzzsaw chop!

But Rosetta doesn’t want to!

Knife’s Dooms day device calls out the time–Only 2 minutes to go!!

An impatient Sang tells Rosetta that he only needed Scarlet’s life long enough to protect the Doomsday Device. If she doesn’t Kill him he’s going to tear off Scarlet’s head then do the same to Rosetta!!

Despite the risk involved (A training video Rosetta watched on Index long ago when she initially received her powers warned that she could be seriously injured, paralyzed, or even die!) Rosetta unleashes her full power on Sang–Her molecular vibration previously restricted to her hands now extending up her arms towards her body…


Stay tuned!! You do not want to miss a single page of Raven’s Dojo as we barrel towards the exciting conclusion of the Air Flo story arc!!!