So after I thought about it.. if I’m going to quit doing the comic in color only to do it in black and white, that’s still not really pushing the boundaries of things is it? I want to do new and exciting things! Things with interactivity! I’m not content to tell a tale anymore. I want you to be a part of it! Ruin the story ! Make bad choices! Isn’t that what it’s about? So I figured why no just get on with it!!

This exciting new direction for Raven’s Dojo begins now!! You can control Dornail’s fate as he goes looking for love in all the wrong places! Which girl will he choose? What will his fate be? It’s up to you! Multiple ladies and multiple endings! It’s up to you if Dornail gets laid or not! Lives or dies!

Cheers to the bright new future of Raven’s Dojo! And good luck, Dornail! 😉