Ok Gang! Well I have had an absolutely INTENSE 48 hours. I went completely fucking berserk and wrote out the rest of the story. Writing isn’t entirely accurate. When I write I don’t type a script. I rough out a full size draft complete with layouts and rough figures to work the final page over top of. So when I say I ‘wrote’ a page it’s a bit deceptive. It’d be more accurate to say I wrote and penciled out a full size draft.


uh.. I mentioned I went a little berserk!? So real talk—This story arc is the end of an era (kind of). It’s the last of my regular color comic work (so far as I can tell) and it’s also the end of book 4. This single story arc is the lone content for book 4! So to be honest.. before I went berserk, book 4 was going to be the skimpiest of the books!!

Well I wrote a much more compact version of this final fight. It was very tidy and was going to put us back on track to finish up by April. But it was immensely UNSATISFYING as a read. It kinda felt rushed.

So I said to myself “Raven.. you know you have it in you to do this story right.. just fucking do it right or you’ll regret it forever”.

And so I began to write this story the way I ACTUALLY wanted to and DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!! DID IT TURN OUT GREAT!!

LOADS of big action and big laughs. Immensely more satisfying.  I’m truly thankful I did it right. I don’t like to divulge the actual page count (as I feel that creates sort of a count down effect for readers)… but it’s SIGNIFICANTLY BEEFY. HEH HEH.

Anyway—I’ve never written so much in a single 48 hours. It just flowed out fucking really intense. I didn’t sleep for 24 of those 48 hours. I just fucking stayed up and worked. I tried to rest but couldn’t! I was too excited! I’m pretty curious how much faster I’ll be since all I have to do is just draw and color from here on out. Writing a single page usually isn’t THAT time consuming.. but it’s one less step.

Well.. THAT’S WHERE WE’RE AT!! I’ll begin drawing the next page AFTER WORK TOMORROW! GET HYPED!!!