Cali is quite irritated that the boys stole her kill. She was the one who tracked Sang down to St. Zano. She learned Warhog had info on Sang’s exact whereabouts at lonesome cove.

When the boys snuck away to kill Sang the first time they didn’t even know Sang was the vagpire (thinking instead that the vagpire would be a female due to Mr. Bastard’s stories of Snatchula).

Dornail shrugs it off saying there was no way they could know, but Cali actually did tell them. They just didn’t listen.

Then it hits Cali that there may still be hope!! The vagpire lore she’s familiar with says he would be notoriously hard to kill. He might still be alive…

If he is Cali can get her kill in and the boys can just be back up (which is what her association with them was meant to be anyway).

But Rodney has no doubt Sang’s dead because of the weapon he used. It belonged to the Invincible Mr. Bastard, history’s greatest vampire hunter. He goes into the sword’s history, and explains due to it’s unique nature—this is a weapon that FEEDS on vampire souls! Surviving it’s attack is impossible.

Cali has (of course) never heard of Mr. Bastard (or Mister Best-sword).

Scarlet gasps at the sight of someone who appears behind the group—To which an annoyed Cali tells the figure to just go away!!


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