Sang awakens no longer in lonesome cove. He is alone and confused.

Until Eyegorb shows up!

Eyegorb catches Sang up on what has happened–but when Sang learns that it took him an entire day to regrew his head and the last thing Eyegorb saw was Scarlet being chased by ‘monsters’—he panics.

Sang and Eyegorb scour St. Zano for Scarlet and sure enough they find her signature ‘trails’. But Sang detects something strange—In the blood is large quantities of something not usually there–perhaps a drug of some sort?

Eventually the trail leads them to St. Dino (St. Zano’s defunct dinosaur park). There’s Scarlet!!

Sang calls out to her and Scarlet (still a bit drugged) can only think to do one thing upon hearing his voice—

She has to warn Sang! LEAVE NOW! IT’S A TRAP!

UP NEXT: Trapped like a bat…

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