When last we left Rodney was rapidly gaining on Scarlet as he swam finger first up her gushing geyser of menstruation!


He plugged the wrong hole!

An extremely irritated Scarlet blasts Rodney down into the ocean below but it seems all that blood in the water has attracted quite a few sharks.

In fact a Megalodon appears and swallows Rodney and the blood fist up in one chomp!!!

Flying away Scarlet gets her bearings somewhat… While she fears for Sang she has to trust in Eyegorb and hope that they will find her. She can’t go back to Lonesome Cove (too many dragons). And she can’t hide the fact that something’s up (now that her ring and moo moo are gone).

Scarlet has to hope that she can get to the Forbidden Room before Knife can so she can retrieve her family heirlooms–otherwise they’re gone forever!

UP NEXT: ?????????????