With both her future and past in front of her Scarlet enters the forbidden room to retrieve her family history then reunite with her soul mate Sang…

When a sharp pain in her back causes her to lose control and collapse to the floor.

Whether it was the darkness of the forbidden room or just Scarlet’s tunnel vision, she did not see Knife who has injected her with something leading to her inability to flee or fight.

The wounded Knife seems to know everything that has happened. He admits to having cheated, but seems crushed that Scarlet has even entertained the notion of leaving him for Sang.

His feelings were apparently QUITE strong for Scarlet. Perhaps obsession is more accurate as he reveals he had been using a drone to monitor her when she would wear the moo moo of doom.

And though it stopped working just after Scarlet proposed to Sang, he heard more than enough.

The drug he’s injected Scarlet with will keep her incapacitated and leaking her blood until tomorrow night where he plans to kill Sang.

And even though he’s fully aware of Sang’s unique inability to die, he’s more than confident that he’s got what he’ll need to do the deed…

UP NEXT: ??????????????????????