Unfortunately before Sang can reply to Scarlet’s proposal he is cut off… at the neck.. by Rodney’s fist!

The legendary hero erupts from a tunnel he’d burrowed beneath Scarlet and jogs up Sang’s body to decapitate him with a single punch!!

As Sang’s head twinkles away into the distance, Rodney quips that on the sun Vampires are Funeral Pyres.

A horrified Scarlet cries out! Eyegorb gives her what assurance he can.. Sang must be alive other wise Eyegorb wouldn’t be. He tells Scarlet to fly away quickly and tells her they’ll find her.


Scarlet is fucking pissed and ready to fight!!

That is..

Until she sees Dornail (who is quite smitten with her).

Scarlet is sent into a state of pure horror at the sight of the one thing she fears most.. a Dragon.

UP NEXT: The day is saved?