And Sarah flips over the cartoon drawing Rodney did to find this note from Raven on the back.

Raven seems less optimistic that Sarah has come back to stay… guessing that she’s merely come back to pick up the things she forgot in her room he urges her to read his note before leaving!!

He wants Sarah to know how important she really is. Rodney and Dornail’s stories are full of friends from before the mind wipe—yet we’ve never met any of them suspiciously enough….

Sarah wouldn’t likely know because she hates their stories.. and they don’t tell this story much.. but all of their friends are dead or missing. And it’s Rodney and Dornail’s fault.

Sarah was the first friend they made since the mind wipe and though they like Rosetta, it’s impossible not to see Rosetta as being better friends with Sarah than with them. Plus.. they feel like they have more in common with hot headed Sarah Lee than sweet natured Rosetta Stone.

Losing their first friend since the mind wipe was more devastating than the boys let on.

This was not brought up for pity, but rather to emphasize Sarah’s importance. She is valued and will be missed.. but they guys don’t want her to be unhappy. So long as she knows she is missed and will always have a home at the dojo.

As a parting shot Raven has drawn a picture that Sarah had wanted him to do, but he never got around to it.

Also the cookies and milk are confirmed to be real (not sand).


A quick note about this note!! It’s a bit of a comic book experiment! As you know Raven’s Dojo is always designed with print in mind. When you, the reader get to this point in the story the note will be presented like so—Sarah reaches for the note on the left hand page, then on the right hand page you see the crayon drawing Rodney did! The note is in your hand at that point! You’re in Sarah’s head seeing it as she does. Flip the page and you’ve flipped the note over (just as she would). I kind of love the idea of putting you literally in Sarah’s head. Anyway sorry if anyone wasn’t over the moon about these pages.. I realize their crude nature may have them seem cheap.. But no worries—From here on it’s back to regular page! Enjoy!!

UP NEXT: What Sarah forgot…