We leave poor Scarlet to her fate to find—- IT’S MORNING IN ST. ZANO!!!

Our Host Smash Canyon is interviewing Dr. Bertrand Brainstorm , creator of the doomsday device that Rosetta’s been looking for all this time!!!

Of course we needn’t worry. The good Doc has implemented a fail safe–If the device goes missing it simply self destructs!!

Unfortunately the doc kinda goofed and the way it self destructs…. is to activate. Meaning this is the final day to find the device.

Smash is NOT pleased.

The Doc is confident his device is powerful enough to destroy the entire planet and when asked why he’d create such a device he responds that he wanted everyone to have one so that there’d be an end to violence.

Smash is NOT pleased.

Rosetta lets out an annoyed sigh… She’s got a long day ahead of her. She has to find that device!!! But all she can really think about is Sarah…

UP NEXT: ???????????????