Sarah is dead.

Sarah wanders into the after life and is relatively undisturbed to see the grim reaper himself sitting before her.

She let’s him know she’s a big fan, but he has some news for her!

She shouldn’t be there! Plus she’s bothering him while he’s trying to play his favorite game. Sadly due to the mind wipe, death doesn’t get to play very many Rodney and Dornail games anymore.

Sarah laughs at the notion of not belonging in the afterlife as she never felt like she belonged in life.

Before she goes she just has to know… does Death know the meaning of life?

Well.. life’s not his thing. So he can’t really help.

But he shares an anecdote related to the video game he’s enjoying. It seems that when it was created there was a rumor started by the developers of a secret level that wasn’t actually there so people would talk and generate interest. The plan backfired and instead people just wasted a bunch of time trying to find the level. So much in fact that they couldn’t just enjoy the levels that actually were in the game.

Sarah is slightly annoyed by this stupid story and heads back to the land of the living..

UP NEXT: ??????????????