Scarlet was dropped into the water of the abandoned trailerpark Lonesome Cove where the Vagpire is apparently making camp!

The Vagpire flys out to address his kidnappee–She’s not to fear him! And he knows her name!!

He assures her he’s not going to kill her (and follows with a less than assuring sinister laugh). Then he tells her his name:¬†Sanguinariuterus.

Well.. that’s a mouthful.

Scarlet’s strange host apologizes for his familiar Eyegorb’s mistake of dropping her in so deep.

Scarlet’s still in shock and the limp, wet wedding dress reminds her of Sarah’s fate.. though she hardly knew her Scarlet addresses her as a friend.

Sanguinariuterus tells Scarlet that he mistook Sarah for her since Scarlet’s scent was so strong on Sarah and that he paid dearly (though he spares her the gory details). He warns Scarlet that she must be more careful who she trusts once they part ways.

He expresses regret at Sarah’s fate, but he has been looking for Scarlet for a long time and couldn’t risk Sarah’s interference–

With what wonders Scarlet?

She’s going to kill him tonight.