When last we left Scarlet and Sanguinariuterus kissed and a stunning realization was made! They are in fact soul mates! To be precise they are the same 2 souls that were separated by Dragulia’s curse oh so long ago! His plot to was to keep them apart eternally BUT—-

As Scarlet notes–They found each other ANYWAY! Playfully she calls Sang “love sang” (his name is pronounced “song-when-are-e-yoot-air-us”)

And as crazy as this all is… it just feels right.

Sang equates it to an intense deja vu and ponders if the bond between their souls that already existed is perhaps why he alone was turned by Chula’s blood.

However it is curious to Sang that if Scarlet’s soul was the same as the one in Chula, why were they so different?! Chula rejected him outright if you remember. Here we learn Sang found her to be cold and cruel.. though he was attracted to her anyway.

Scarlet clarifies that despite the fact that she was those women they were all as distinct as they wanted to be because of the decisions they made in their lives. Chula kinda messed up by being cold and uncaring…

But many of the women in Scarlet’s blood line make poor decisions. Scarlet feels she’s no different. To highlight this she explains the moo moo of doom.

It was a punishment thought up by her husband Knife Carver. She had to wear it and keep it spotless (no powers!). Scarlet doesn’t know how, but if she tried to take it off—Knife would know! If she did anything other than simply wear it Knife would keep her grandma’s flight suit and the note book the women in her family passed down from mother to daughter (the same one she described when she was hanging out with Rosetta) locked away in his “forbidden room”.

Knife has even threatened to BURN Scarlet’s book!

It’s this fear of losing her book that kept Scarlet from trying harder to save Sarah as she fell (remember—Scarlet can fly!). Scarlet is ashamed to admit it, but more or less, she let Sarah die because of the book and Knife…

Determined not to make any more poor choices Scarlet resolves right then and there to divorce her terrible husband and spend the rest of her life with her soul mate!!

Scarlet takes a knee and pops the question on a shocked Sang!!!

Dumbfounded, Sang stutters to find his reply: I-I-I-I-