Only moments ago Vagpire was gleefully proclaiming that tonight he would die by Scarlet’s hand!

But it seems like he’s doing fine on his own as his body abruptly collapses into bits! (much to Eyegorb’s dismay)

Scarlet is freaked out and going to leave when the severed head of Sanguinariuterus calls out to her to stay.

As Eyegorb preps a replacement body, the vagpire explains his and scarlet’s connection–Cunt Snatchula is his sire! The first and only other vagpire!

Mounted atop his temp bod Sang explains that Snatchula’s curse lead to a strange effect on her vampirism. Since she was still able to reproduce naturally she could not reproduce vampirically. The trade off was that she was also not impacted by the typical vampire weaknesses (sunlight, holy artifacts, etc.). Strangest of all even a pierced heart would not kill her.

But a vampire that can’t create other vampires is kind of worthless so she was an outcast.

It’s for this reason then that as Sanguinariuterus was ‘drinking of her femininity’ that it was quite unexpected for him to transform into a vagpire. The reasons are unknown!

Snatchula grew distant though and as is the fate of everyone in Scarlet’s family, she died in labor.

Unable to give birth or die via any other traditional means, the immortal Vagpire has stalked the earth for centuries of isolation as an outcast himself.

A rough fate to be sure.

But what’s this have to do with Scarlet?

UP NEXT: Ending the curse..