Sanguinariuterus (aka the Vagpire) continues his tragic tale.

He lives a life of shame and humiliation as he doesn’t fit in with the human or vampire world.

Since his body was sired on menstrual blood that’s what it wants–the problem is that Air Flo’s family kind of has a unique blend going that others don’t! As such he is wracked in endless pain and agony and often can not move. Yet his body will not die!

It seemed pretty bleak till one night he heard a rumor.

A young vampire and a an old vampire were discussing ancient vampire lore. It seems when you’re sired there is a blood pact created between the two beings. One that grants the sire power over his spawn.

The mere HOPE of being able to have his tragic life ended sends the vagpire on the hunt for his sire’s bloodline (which he knows will be active since he remembers Snatchula’s curse from her describing it to him).

Finding flow’s general area is easy for the scent based Vagpire—but uh.. pinning it down’s another story. Stil…

He has finally found her and now it’s the moment of truth!!! Will she grant him the death he so desires?

UP NEXT: What you deserve…