When last we left Sarah was telling Scarlet that it’s time for them both to move on…

But Scarlet has a problem!!!

Sarah doesn’t exactly know JUST how bad her ‘health condition’ is (since she doesn’t know she’s Air Flo!). Men are generally revolted by her and she’s afraid she’ll die alone!

Sarah assures her that fear is incorrect. She can get laid the rest of her life if she wants because—

She is truly beautiful!

Sarah delivers the love with a warm embrace which catches Scarlet off guard.

And Sarah doesn’t mean inner beauty! She means physical beauty (too)! To someone Scarlet is perfect as is and they’re out there searching for her…

This surprisingly sweet sentiment takes Scarlet further by surprise, but it turns out it wasn’t quite as sweet as it sounded.

Sarah meant internet searching. In Sarah’s porn experience there is a wealth of body acceptance in porn that is in complete defiance of ‘traditional’ beauty standards (which she finds to be bullshit).

By her estimation Scarlet could have a legion of men after her! Sarah even believes that Air Flo could easily have a man harem if she so desired!

After a moment of pause, Sarah decides to tell Flo something NO ONE KNOWS: SHE HAS A SEX SITE!

UP NEXT: Sarah’s Secret Sex Site?!¬†