Upon learning that Scarlet’s husband is a cheater AND hate her Sarah has a solution. She pops off Scarlett’s wedding band and hurls it over the dam into the city. Scarlet is horrified, but it’s okay! Sarah got her 2 new rings!

RING RING! It’s a wake up call! Divorce your husband!! (seems like good advice)

But Scarlett can’t!! In her mind…

You see her family’s health issue has kind of let her with the experience that men just won’t stay. Awful as it is—Even their fathers had left them. (remember Scarlet’s an orphan!). Shitty as Knife is he always comes back.. and for Scarlet that’s enough.

She doesn’t think she can be choosy like Sarah who can get any man she wants.

But Sarah reminds her, she can’t get anyone

UP NEXT: Getting the one…