Sarah actually can’t have ANYONE she wants…

As Sarah closes her eyes and reflects back on their happiness together she explains to Scarlet there’s ONE person who she wants. One person who ever treated her LIKE a person. Rosetta. Her best and only friend. So when she went to start her new life she knew it’d be perfect if she could have Rosetta by her side.

Rosetta is everything Sarah’s not and that’s what Sarah likes about her. And though Sarah is bitchy Rosetta has always accepted her as is. Although Sarah suspects that’s likely why Rosetta was not down with the idea of the marriage..

Scarlet apologizes but Sarah doesn’t feel it’s really necessary. Sarah doesn’t mind who she is even though it cost her a shot at her perfect partner and she thinks Scarlet has worse problems.

But she has a point in sharing this tale—

Whether it’s the adulterous Knife Carver or the beautiful and sweet Rosetta Stone, you can’t give your heart to someone who doesn’t want it.

It’s time for her and Flo to both move on.

UP NEXT: What Flo hasn’t realized……