When last we left Sarah was telling Scarlet that she thinks Air Flo is awesome!!

Sarah proceeds to do her best emulation of Flo’s signature move.. THE KILLER QUEEF!! Launching Sarah’s clip thong off at a rocket pace!!

Luckily Scarlett dodges the crotch clip with agility one would only find normally in a super sophisticated reality simulation!

Sarah commands her poonarang to return and the whirling thong arcs back and latches to back to her crotch!!

Sarah informs Scarlett that she wishes SHE could launch huge volumes of period blood all over like Air Flo does~!! She admires the way St. Zano’s become all riled up over Air Flo and in fact—Flo is her 2nd favorite hero!!

This naturally shocks the crud out of Scarlett who is generally used to disgust and hatred.

Sarah continues that they COULD have been friends, but unfortunately Flo came across her in the act of saving a granny and STILL deemed Sarah to be the villain… Never the less, she admires Flo’s ability to cope with her bad situation.

Come to think of it.. Sarah notices Flo and Scarlet seem rather similar……..