Scarlet Carver (aka Air Flo) has just found a city she thinks might finally accept her. Unfortunately her monstrous husband Knife Carver is a thief and ready to move. He dumps all over her dreams of being an accepted super hero because no one could ever accept a freak like her.

But Scarlet never asked for her life. She didn’t know she would be married to a thief.

Vocalizing this enrages Knife who hits Scarlet where it hurts.

A down trodden Scarlet agrees with him.

The silver tongued devil Knife then turns things around on Scarlet. He wouldn’t have had to hurt her if she hadn’t hurt him first. The issue is that her role as a super hero seems to be taking greater emphasis than he role as a distraction for his crime spree.

But he thinks he has a solution…….


UP NEXT: ????????????????????????