Air Flo aka Scarlett(much larger than we’ve seen her previously and adorned in the moo moo of doom?) is curious about Sarah’s statement that she was born cursed…

It seems Sarah is referring to the difficulties she faces that also stem from her body. Being ‘traditionally’ beautiful may seem like a blessing, but for Sarah it hasn’t been the best.

Scarlett is slightly underwhelmed at Sarah’s ‘curse’. Of course Sarah has no idea that Scarlet quite literally meant she was cursed and her attempt to relate hasn’t gone over all that well as Scarlett actually kind of envies more busty women.

Sarah gets fairly annoyed by this as it’s a common problem she faces. Lack of sympathy for her plight. What’s being classically attractive have in common with being classically unattractive ? Aren’t they at the opposite ends of the spectrum? Well.. not quite. As Sarah illustrates your life is full of just as many awkward moments brought on by societies more inconsiderate types in reaction to your body. As she lays it out the similarities are more obvious than initially suspected.

Scarlet feels bad.. Although Sarah is referring to her weight gain, her rejection she’s received due to her extreme menstruation as Air Flo is a life long pain she can relate to all too well.

Sarah attempts to lighten the tone a bit by acknowledging that she does appreciate her ‘blessings’ as well. Her demonstration of her physical gifts leaves Scarlet thoroughly stempressed.

UP NEXT: Sarah loses after all?