When last we left War Hog was coming down hard on Rodney and Dornail!!!

But.. uh.. well.. he’s not even close to a match for the two of them. In the time it takes a duck to quack War Hog is completely obliterated. A shocked Caliente can’t believe her eyes.

Raven tells her that though the two may not look like much they’re the greatest heroes on EARTH!!! (though his nasal cleaning efforts weren’t QUITE successful.. which spooks Rodney).

Raven then lays out an ultimatum for War Hog… Rodney fed the rest of his ham to Chompy, the moon dog… If they don’t get the information Cali wanted it wouldn’t be that tough to fling him up there too!!!

Utterly defeated, Peace Hog agrees to talk!

And hey—Is that Amelia Earheart?! Well it’s not but Rodney THINKS it is…

Rather than get caught in his lie, Raven gives the go ahead to gank the unfortunate look alike…

UP NEXT: ???????????????????