When last we left the boys were about to get the information their new room mate Caliente Pantalones wanted from the freshly defeated (and utterly humbled) War Hog…

Meanwhile Rosetta has been flying all over the city looking for the stolen Dooms day device, but hasn’t come up on even one lead. Perhaps MORE strange is that there’s not a trace of Air Flo anywhere.. and leaving traces everywhere is KIND of Air Flo’s thing..

Lost deep in thought Rosetta worries about her friend Sarah, who she hasn’t seen since this morning and has never seen so hurt.

In a desperate bid she looks at Raven’s Dojo, but Sarah’s not there.. and neither are the guys!!

Now at the end of her day Rosetta attempts to call Sarah only to get a frosty reception.

Cut off from all her friends Rosetta is left to wonder what’s going on……

UP NEXT: ???????????????