Meanwhile we join the boys and their new roomate, Caliente Pantalones, on the move in the DOJO 1. And hey—Dornail’s looking to be back in a more more Dornail like shape!!

Our Favorite pervert takes time to appreciate Cali’s finer details while Caliente voices a concern with Raven—She’s lost all of money!

Her Creditcard, debit card, and even her cell phone are all missing. But she paid to get to the island so she’s sure she had them when she got to the dojo…

Raven figures they must be lost at sea. Likely never to be found again. And in a stroke of good luck he has managed to bring PRECISELY the same amount she lost…less the cost of Dornail’s surgery (what a stroke of luck!).

Caliente then voices her concerns over Rodney’s driving. It’s not like he can see the road all that well.. or can he? Raven assures Cali that Rodney can see the road at all time and directs their new room mate to Rodney’s feet to comfort her.

Unfortunately it’s NOT comforting at all since not only does Caliente see that the floor board is missing.. but more concerning, so are the DOJO 1’s brakes.

Rodney slams his feet to the pavement stopping the car dead. It seems they’ve found the person Caliente was looking for—Those she’s a bit too speechless to confirm whether or not that’s the right person.