When last we left Sarah had smashed Rosetta through the roof for rejecting her wedding proposal—- OR DID SHE?

Well no. That was sort of a glimpse into the knee jerk feelings you get when your heart’s broken. But what happened was much worse.

Sarah just stared at Rosetta in silence. Wounded. Now Rosetta is fully aware of Hate Vision and how it works. But instead of verbal venom all she got was silence. Which could only mean either that Sarah (even as angry as she is!) just couldn’t hurt Rosetta.. or hate vision just doesn’t work on Rosetta because to Sarah she is PERFECT.

A weepy Rosetta eeks out a whispered “Please don’t hate me” ending the silence.

Sarah laughes and tosses her ring aside. A flurry of robotic arms whizz about her getting her dressed. Once again Sarah is hot enough to sleep with.. but not someone you’d want to have a life with. An old familiar sting.

UP NEXT: My New Life without you