When last we left (oh so long ago), Sarah had JUST PROPOSED the notion of her and Rosetta getting married!! Well, it’s a surprise move, but she’s definitely got a game plan. She lays it out for Rosetta here on this page.

Sarah has decided to start a new life direction and she can’t think of any better way to spend it than with her best friend! And of course if they’re making love anyway they might as well make money! It’s basically the perfect plan as they’ll get to just lounge about making love and never have to work again.

An astonished Rosetta wonders where Sarah put her ring.. Sarah clarifies that it’s back in her lady hidey hole and has some fun with that notion. But it’s time to lay it on the line again—–

Getting much more sincere, Sarah tells Rosetta just how much she means to her and puts the ball in Rosetta’s court—Will Rosetta say yes? THE ANSWER NEXT PAGE!!

Meanwhile sinister red lights emerge from the crates that Sarah ordered…

So 600 pages!

That’s cool! I’m super proud. Though I wish there were many more done. Over the last few years I’ve hit multiple road blocks that have taken me out for pretty decent amounts of time. And sadly we JUST came off one of those occasions. I’m thankful for everyone who has stuck around this long and hung in there. As I touched on in the last post, my life has recently under gone some pretty dramatic change. It’s personal stuff I won’t bore you with, but it’s okay to say that I am pretty much more wide open to focus on the dojo and dojo related projects than any other time in my life. I guess I’m saying thank you all so much for your patience and I know I always say it… but the best truly is yet to come!


My good friend Simon Mallette St-Pierre (who is a Savage Dragon fan and a hell of a talent himself) got plastered one night and drunk drew this Raven’s Dojo strip. Well, you know me. I had to post it up on ye olde dojo. Of course it’s a little different than the others because I supplied the colors for this drunk doodle! so that’s why Dornail’s saying “We need color”. lol. Anyway thanks Simon. STAY PLASTERED MY FRIEND!