When last we left Rosetta replied to Sarah’s bid for a life together saying “I do NOT think this is a good idea”.

Unfortunately that little lacka contractions lead to a flash of false hope before crushing Sarah’s heart.

And well… Sarah reacts the way you’d imagine the baddest bitch would!! An explosion of Hate Vision sent Rosetta’s way sends St. Zano’s Sexiest Librarian flying!! Sarah’s rage gaze melts the faces off of the aborted wedding’s ice sculpture and engulfs Rosetta’s cake topper in flame. Any confetti flowing through it’s path instantly engulfed!!

Sarah lastly turns her anger on it’s origin, only able to get out a single word “CONTRACTIONS!!”. Perhaps if Rosetta had said “I DON’T think this is a good idea” there wouldn’t have been AS bad a reaction.

With a mighty blow Sarah sends her best and only friend flying sky high!!