When last we left Sarah had just vanquished the Vagpire that had crept into Rosetta’s bed room to feast on Sarah!! A devastating move in which she ripped off his johnson and jabbed it through his heart. Then she hurled him out the window and turned to his underling (we assume?) and demanded he ALSO present his penis!

Fearfully the eye ball monster screamed NYOOOOO!

Then it dawns on Eyegorb (we learn)—He doesn’t have a penis!! Perhaps not the sharpest tool in the shed, Eyegorb suddenly feels empowered and invincible in fact!!

A mistake Sarah quickly clears up by blowing flower pollen into his eyes thus triggering an allergic reaction that sends Eyegorb running out the window to the safety of his master….

With the intruders out it seems it’s time to play as a now pajamaless Rosetta Stone informs her friend Sarah that she’s been afflicted with too much brains as a side effect of reading and is in desperate need of someone to fuck them out for her.

It seems Sarah fits the bill and in fact has the necessary training (she even has a badge as proof!).

Just before the fireworks begin, Rosetta suggests to Sarah she could transform into her super form if she’d like. According to Dornail that’s the slightly hotter Rosetta!

But Sarah’s not having it!! To her Rosetta is perfect as is!! And that’s always how it’s been too…

UP NEXT: !!!!!?!?!?!!?