Sarah wake up!!

Rosetta shakes her friend awake to tell her that there’s a vagpire licking away on her!! The menacing Vagpire and the strange eye ball creature menace the two ladies!!

But really they don’t know who they’re messing with… The drunken Sarah INSTANTLY gains control of the situation. Enthusiastically burying the Vagpire deep in her woman hood she rattles off a plan to turn this sex into PROFIT!!!

At least that WOULD have been the plan! This Vagpire’s oral is totally anal. It’s butt! He’s just not good enough for Sarah’s needs!! So it’s off with the pants and out with the cock!

Sarah Lee then turns her advances towards the most sextiest libarian, Rosetta Stone… Lip to lip a kiss seems imminent as the stunned Vagpire and monster look on in shock! Things have gone completely OPPOSITE of how they expected!! Sarah all the while getting handy with the vampy weenie…

UP NEXT: It’s not what it seems………..