So first off–Sorry for keeping you in the dark since the last update. I generally like to keep you posted, but I kinda thought I could pull this one off a little easier than it seems like it’s gonna end up being. The dojo’s being held up by 2 things right now: I am actually moving to a new apartment and am jumping through the various hoops that entails, but far MORE importantly–Raven’s Dojo itself is going to move hosts soon. That and every single website that I host (,,, etc., etc.). That last one’s the real kicker…. in 17 years I’ve only ever had the one webhost, but apparently things have finally gone shitty with them so I’m getting ready to pull up tent pegs and move everything to a new host. There’s a bit of a learning curve as I have to read up on how to transfer everything over so I don’t lose the structure and posts and stuff I’ve created over the years.

What’s that mean for you? Superficially not a single thing. You won’t really notice anything except possibly performance improvements since my host had actually taken to throttling the site and blacking out service here and there. I’m not entirely sure how DISQUS will handle things, although I’ll be doing everything I can to make sure that your comments are carried over if at all possible.

Anyway both the actual physical move AND moving the dojo (and my network of websites) are huge pains in the ass. I’d rather not be dealing with either honestly but thems the breaks. Hopefully they won’t take too much more of a bite out of the updates and I’ll do my best to keep you in the know. ¬†Wish me luck!


P.S. If you see something funky or weird looking—it’s likely just me messing with things as I prep for the move. No need to fear!

P.P.S. It has been brought to my attention the store for Raven’s Dojo book 1 was being blocked by a plug in I was using!! DOH!!! That is fixed now. You can get your copy of Book One once more!!