YOWZA!!! THIS DAMN PAGE! We waited MUCH too long for it!! And the bullshit’s STILL not over! But alas— Let’s talk about that in a moment!


It’s a pre-mind wipe flash back as we join Rodney and THE INVINCIBLE MR. BASTARD in their endeavor to wipe out a clan of vampires!! Being an immortal Mr. Bastard isn’t going down that easy and Rodney’s hurling vampires left and right.

Of course that’s a problem! Vampires don’t die from mere physical abuse! Rodney’s irresponsibility is chastised by the immoral immortal as her reminds him you MUST STAKE A VAMPIRE’S HEART TO KILL HIM!

But for Rodney that’s too boring!!

He’s been throwing his vampires into the sun.

Mr. Bastard is as speechless as he can be.

With the vampire brood wiped out the 2 heroes look upon the rising sun and Mr. Bastard tells Rodney about the ONE vampire he’s never been able to kill! The menstrual blood vampire!! A vampire that feeds exclusively on period blood and has always eluded Mr. Bastard…

An awe struck Rodney takes it in… “VAGPIRE”


Now about that BULLSHIT I mentioned! The bullshit that has taken me away for a month. It’s not entirely wrapped up. I’m still fighting with the utility companies to and messing with various things that are involved in my move… I’m STILL fighting with the web host I was PLANNING to abandon. Turns out I’m kinda locked in for a year.. I was convinced to try a “pay when you need it” IT service they offer and there’s been some work done there. I had to delete some sites (sorry kick button fans, raven perez fans.. those sites had to go). But also there is a potential that the dojo may not post your comments right away? not 100% certain yet. You may still encounter some goofy stuff. My apologies in advance. I simply couldn’t wait any longer to get crackin’ on the new issue. My thanks for your patience.