So Rosetta was utterly horrified to see—- SARAH LEE indulging in some EPIC SELF LOVE!!

Sadly Sarah had her head phones on so the porn was drowning out Rosetta’s weak calls of “hello” earlier. However Rosetta, much closer now is able to identify that this strange lady is in fact Sarah Lee (which Sarah now hears through her head phones).

Sarah answers the most likely rhetorical question “Sarah is that you?” by confirming via taste test that it is in fact her.

Now over her shock Rosetta states she didn’t recognize Sarah with her new hair style!! She loves it! And although it’s much more subtle Sarah also appreciates for a moment Rosetta’s new look.

NOT over her shame Sarah apologizes for her victory wank. After waiting all day she had kind of assumed it was safe… ¬†Of course Rosetta’s not sheepish about that sort of thing. In fact she remarks that Sarah’s already healthy chest looks larger than normal! A condition brought about by increased stress eating explains Sarah.

However when Sarah is pressed for an explanation of her clothing crates and air flo blood stains she’d much rather pass on talking about it.

So Sarah’s FINALLY in her new home!!! All is well right? Well………….