No you didn’t miss anything! We abruptly leap from Sarah’s defeat of the Baconvicts on the previous page to later that same night!

Our Favorite Rookie Super Hero, Rosetta Stone is finished for the day! Finding a quiet place to deactivate her powers (un tracing the life spiral which gives activates her super abilities) Rosetta emerges from the woods to stroll back to her apartment.

Reflecting on her day’s work Rosetta is frustrated!! She had the day off from the library and despite her best efforts couldn’t manage to accomplish her one goal–find info on the rash of recent break-ins in St. Zano! In fact if it weren’t for making a new friendship with Air Flo this day was a complete waste.

However arriving at her apartment’s front door, Rosetta is in for a suprise–HER DOOR IS UNLOCKED!! It could be mere forgetfulness except–HER APARTMENT IS IN A STRAAANGE WAY!!

Blood on the carpet, strange crates everywhere, and an eerie glow accompanied by an unnerving sound… Timidly Rosetta calls out but there is no response… only the persistent sound…

Rosetta makes her way closer to the glow’s source just past the crates as the sound grows in intensity…


UP NEXT: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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