Hello my patient pals! WELL for a while the back issue navigation page was pretty borked!! Anyway when it comes to doing lame o web stuff and making comics I always want to make comics instead. But that’s NOT awesome for you fine folks when it comes time to go back through your favorite issues of old. So my apologies for waiting so long to fix the links.

I did a bit more than simply fix the old links. I went back and updated every single issue I was missing with a new title card. That basically means the Endless City story arc, but also you can now jump to the beginning of the Air Flo story arc with ease as well. I’m REALLY trying not to let things slip, but it’s easy to forget you need to update the issue page when you’re cranking away on new pages. Anyway next up I’d REALLY like to do some commenting!! So expect that while I work on LOCO strips for Adam Black’s Locus: Godslayer page. Which by the way.. if you aren’t reading it’s fucking amazing. So expect to see me commenting REAL SOON LIKE! Cheers!