Sarah stands victorious as her foes are strewn about, utterly defeated. The fight was to save Grammachine though, and she’s not in the best shape. Random slugs from War Hog’s Sperminator have utterly destroyed her aging body. Fearing there’s not much to be done for her she tells Sarah she is at least thankful to see the porky trio taken down. She reveals that the hero bit was an act! They are in fact—The Baconvicts! It just makes her happy to see them put away.


A crate air drops in just in time!! What’s in it? A SEXY NEW BODY!! A grateful Grammachine is a bit confused as to how this happened!

Sarah explains that Squeelzebub’s car had a computer in it.. and the devil ham had his credit card saved in it’s browser! Sarah did the necessary shopping to ensure that she’d have a replacement for her clothes (which got all shot up) and a new body for Grammachine.

Grammachine is impressed that Sarah even managed to put away St. Zano’s latest terror: The RED MENACE (AKA AIR FLO).

An unimpressed Sarah quips at the ginger’s expense as we hear a cell phone vibration from Flo’s crumpled form–A TEXT READING “HURRY! OR I’M DEAD MEAT!”

Uh oh… Flo ain’t going anywhere!

UP NEXT: ????????????????????????????????