When last we left, Sarah had just popped War Hog in the mouth using Squeelzebub’s road hog! Laid out flat on his back from the attack one might assume that would have been the end of it—NOT YET!

Still descending from that initial attack Sarah launches the Road Hog’s rear grappling hook latching onto War Hog’s belt!

FWOOMP! Trousers down for the king sized swine! At the same time as War Hog is pantsed his Sperminator gets shoved in his own mouth! Perhaps THIS was the autofellatiobliteration! Sarah looks back to size up War hog’s less than impressive man hood before whipping the Road hog around for a follow up attack!

Racing up the face of War Hog–Up the sperminator–barreling at high speeds towards his most tender area, Sarah’s cruel intent becomes painfully clear!

And in the Road Hog goes into War Hog’s tenderest area! The Ultimate Carate move! REAR ENDER!!


Lastly, I am fully moved into the new lap top. It’s taking some getting used to but so far it’s not so bad. Hopefully updates should resume like normal from here on out! Thanks for your patience!