Flo opens with her twatamatic machine cunt! Shooting rapid fire blood bullets at Sarah. Sarah effortlessly counters them by spinning her breasts tassel style to deflect the blood bullets! But her taunt for Flo to try harder is met with a more powerful counter than she expected!! Flo shoots an enormous boot shaped torrent of period blood at Sarah who leaps out of her pants narrowly dodging the attack! Realizing it’ll be best to end this fight quickly Sarah sneaks off as Flo is still delivering the Vigianormous kick.

Flo’s certain she missed Sarah, but isn’t sure where she could have gone!! A poor tactical error as Sarah makes her way around behind Flo to deliver the move that ends the bout. “Breast in Peace” indeed! Choked out Flo lies limp and Sarah’s experience shines apparent over her rookie opponent.

UP NEXT: All for naught?