FIRST OFF– UGH?! HAS IT REALLY BEEN NEARLY 2 weeks?! ARGH!! Well I can tell you I’ve been going through some grade A madness. Much real life wackiness keeping yours truly off the job. My apologies for the delay and thanks for your understanding. I wish I could say this week will be better but I’m not quite out of it yet… Anyway..

When last we left Sarah had executed her own version of the semi-automaticolon! A move more commonly associated with Rodney. Warhog’s legs had blown off sending a pooatized ™ version of Hamphibian flying away.

We rejoin Sarah stopping to soak in her victory!! Unfortunately that’s not all the soaking she’ll be doing as Air Flo makes the scene in a rather rude fashion. Sizing up the situation as Sarah being a villain who has disabled 3 heroes Flo touches down for a throw down!!!

Sarah is NOT fucking amused…

UP NEXT: Sarah vs. Air Flo?!