Flipping downward from having wrecked the Road Hog into the anus of War Hog, Sarah touches down close enough to the face of War Hog. While our chesty chef normal prefers to tear up anus with her special mexican recipes… for War Hog she’s got something different cooked up!!

With a mighty foot plant she gets the massive barrels of the sperminator rotating!! At a full gallop her plan becomes clear! BULLETS ARE ON THE MENU!! It’s Sarah’s own twist on the semiautomaticolon! Only it ain’t her anus doing the bullet spraying (like with Rodney’s version)–It’s War Hog!

But there’s a little matter of the butt plug she corked War Hog’s anus with! Bullet’s colliding at high speed with a vehicle is a recipe of a different kind–ONE FOR DISASTER!

KER-BOOM!!! The Road Hog explodes sending War Hog’s legs (and Hamphibian!?) flying!! FIGHT OVER!!!

UP NEXT: Just remember…