Still flying back from the kick to the face from Hamphibian’s mecha legs, Sarah hasn’t lost control! Whipping around and catching herself on a tree, she activates her secret weapon: SUPER DUPER BITCH MODE!!

And when it’s engaged LOOK OUT!! In an explosive blast of energy Sarah launches a return assault easily going toe to toe with the mach speed kicks of Hamphibians suit. A feat no other human has accomplished!

But the mer pig’s problems have only just begun! AN INTENSE BLAST OF HEAT BRINGS THE WATER IN HER BOWL TO A BOIL!! It’s Sarah’s legendary HATE VISION. And when you’re the one she’s looking at it’s JUDGEMENT DAY.

Sarah has just the turn of phrase to crush Hamphibian’s soul…


Also as you gathered Squirrel Bomb is in fact The Distillers (as pointed out by Barry Linck my Iron Tiger Comics Brother–Read his comic!). It is in fact ALSO one of the names Rodney proposed when he detected Metal Head was nearby in the stomach of Chompy during their moon adventure… Deemed not good enough.

Perhaps one day our dream of having an amazing band perform “Dornail me” will come true….