Sarah Lee whips her vehicle around both fast and furiously while dodging the bullet onslaught from War Hog’s Sperminator. As the big pig spouts his anit-lady sentiment Sarah makes her way (curiously) to her heap of possessions (which she was previously defensive of). Riding up the mound of clothes Sarah ramps off the top and right into War Hog’s STUPID FACE in a little move she likes to call “Autofellatiobliteration“.

Short a few teeth Warhog is laid out flat on his back! Sarah rides the Hog Rod out of his mouth as they both take a tumble…


P.S. Sorry the page hasn’t been as updatey as it has in the last few months. Last week car problems ate up 2 days of my life (the car is good now), this week I’ve been fighting computer problems. My PC continues to hang and lurch like crazy. I’m running all the antivirus, antispyware, malware shit I can and it’s better than it was (it was unusable Sunday), but it’s still not perfect. I’ll keep you posted.