Well you asked for it and you got it!! Fans who wanted me to find a band to perform Nina Pinta Santa Maria’s song that saved the world “Dornail Me” rejoice!! I not only found a band to perform the song—I GOT MOTHER FUCKIN’ SQUIRREL BOMB!! I can’t even believe they agreed to do this. I sent them an email thinking I’d never hear back and bam!! Not only did the band reply–but they were eager to oblige! Front woman Lisa Ndwich says it was the most fun she’s had in a long time. lol. It’s different then the usual hard driving grooves that made squirrel bomb an army of ‘nut huggers’ in the smokey bar scenes they grew into legends at, but I think you’ll be toe tappin’ and have this melody stuck in your head even more than before. Once again I am completely speechless and wanted to say thanks Lisa, Sven, Tiny, Chia Pete and all the gang and Lunch Meat Records. You made my dream and many others come true today.