As WarHog’s Sperminator rains death from above, Sarah Lee nimbly runs from bullet top to bullet top narrowly avoiding the one that obliterates what little land she had left to stand on.

Meanwhile Hamphibian (still flying upward from Sarah’s baby maker breaker) realizes all too late she’s not going to be having a super awesome day—AND CHOMP!! DOWN THE THROAT OF WARHOG SHE GOES!!

Much to Squeelzebub’s shock!! Despite being struck repeatedly in the bean bag by Sarah’s coBRA, he calls out his lover’s pet name.

Sarah stops just long enough to recover her coBRA and crack a joke at Hamphibian’s expense before kickin’ Squeelzebub’s nuts in to gain the keys to the Hog Rod!

It’s CARate time! Sarah’s going to run down War Hog and END THIS MADNESS!!

UP NEXT: Sarah Lee CARate vs. War Hog’s fire power!